Night of the Hunter


Sometimes the best comic art can’t be found in a comic or a poster. Every once a while an art commission sponsored by the most devout of fans,  shows everything from what could have been, what we want to see, to ideas that for one reason or another that will never grace your favorite comic. We here at POPBOOM want to showcase these great images so you get a genuine chance to see something that you might never get from your favorite comic or publisher.

This week’s Commission comes from Legendary British Artist Glenn Fabry.  An Eisner award winner, Glenn made waves for his beautiful painted covers for HELLBLAZER, PREACHER, TRANSMETROPOLITAN among countless other titles.

Here we have a commission of PREACHER, but if you look closely at his fists, you can make out the words “Love and Hate”. With the story of PREACHER being about a priest possessed by a spirit part Angel/part Demon, at first glance, the idea seems to correlate with the spirit of the comic’s main narrative.

However, when we look to 1955, there was a famous feature released about a Priest turned Serial Killer called NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. Adorned with the words LOVE and HATE on his hands, The Priest, played by screen legend Robert Mitchum in one of his most iconic roles, delivers an intoxicating, charismatic speech about the fight between Love and Hate in everyone's soul.  

Tiny touches like a few letters on fingers are what separate fun commissions from truly great ones as they unlock a layer of texture beyond the materials

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