Iron Man

THE DEVIANT EYE: "Steampunk Iron Man" by Artozi

Every day some of the best artists upload amazing pieces of work to their DeviantArt home pages. Transcending barriers in digital and traditional art forms, the DeviantArt members stimulate artistic inspiration and conversation. 

Today we are showcasing DeviantArt user Artozi’s STEAMPUNK IRON MAN, a re imagination of the classic comic book character. Pay close attention to the rivets and gears Artozi conveys in this piece as he goes out of his way to bring his creation to life not to mention his careful execution of the steam in the background, giving his piece a photographic feel.

With a client list ranging from Mattel, Legendary, Ubisoft, among others, Artozi is that special type of artist who is truly at the forefront of influencing our perception across a variety of mediums. 

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