FAN FILM SPOTLIGHT: "BATMAN: DEAD END" Directed by Sandy Collora 



In 2003, aspiring filmmaker Sandy Collora and some of his friends, set out to make a little short film to showcase his promise as a filmmaker.  Premiering at the 2003 San Diego Comic Con, it surprised convention attendees and went on to become a viral sensation. Earning praise from several fan magazines, premiere comic artists such as Alex Ross, and acclaimed filmmakers like Kevin Smith, BATMAN: DEAD END was regarded as one of the best representations of Batman on screen. High praise considering the countless movies, animated series, and television shows featuring the caped crusader

2 years before BATMAN BEGINS, Sandy delivered a gritty Batman story fans had been starving for. Featuring Batman fighting The Joker only for the fight to be interrupted by Predators, BATMAN: DEAD END had the action and cinematography Batman fans had been dying to see on screen.

In 2013, the Fan Film had such an iconic presence amongst fans, that was a documentary regarding its making and success was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Such a feat highlights the influence and weight a fan film could accomplish.

A true staple for the Fan Film Genre, BATMAN: DEAD END isn’t so much a great short film as it is a right of passage for Batman fans looking to see only the best of their revered hero on screen.

Check out the trailer for BATMAN: DEAD END; A TEN YEAR RETROSPECTIVE below!